Create a Movie in PowerPoint:mac 2004

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Learn how you can export your slides to a QuickTime movie using PowerPoint 2004 for Mac

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Exporting a PowerPoint presentation as a video (movie) clip is a feature that was only available to PowerPoint:mac users. And although newer versions of PowerPoint on Mac no longer have this feature, you can still get it to work if you have a copy of PowerPoint 2004 installed.

1. Fine Tune the Presentation

Choose Slide Show | Slide Transition and select an automatic timing in seconds to advance the slides. I chose 10 seconds, and a Fade Smoothly transition option and set it for all slides in the presentation by clicking the Apply to All button.

You might want to choose different slide advance times for the slides in your presentation.

Remember to save your presentation.

Fine Tune the Presentation

There are some more fine tuning tips that you can read here.

2. Select the Make Movie option

Choose the File | Make Movie option.

Select the Make Movie option

3. Select More Options

In the resultant window, choose a location and name for your movie file. Then click the Movie Options button.

Select More Options

4. Choose Movie Options

In the resultant window, select an Optimization level. For most purposes, Automatic (Normal) works great.

Choose the movie dimensions. For most purposes, 640 x 480 should work well, especially if you want to use the output movie on YouTube or another video sharing site.

However, if you want to create a DVD from the exported movie, you’ll want to choose a higher resolution.

Choose Movie Options

5. Add a Soundtrack (Optional)

If you want to add a soundtrack, choose the Select soundtrack option in the Background soundtrack dropdown box.

You can also opt to loop the movie, and include original presentation data. The latter option is not necessary if you save the original presentation file.

Click OK to get back to the earlier window.

Add a Soundtrack

6. Make the Movie

Click the Save button to render the movie.

Make the Movie

7. You’re Done!

PowerPoint starts rendering the movie.

The movie output is in QuickTime MOV format — and you can also play these movies on Windows computers that have the free Apple QuickTime player installed.

If you want to upload the movie to YouTube, some movies might show an error since YouTube seems to have some problems with PowerPoint’s QuickTime outputs. But you can convert these movies to the AVI format using QuickTime Professional — these movies work fine when uploaded to YouTube.

You're Done!

8. See the Movie

Here’s the converted movie that I uploaded to YouTube!

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