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In a previous post, we discussed whether and why you should create a DVD from your PowerPoint presentation.

And now let’s take this to the next logical level: do you need a separate PowerPoint to DVD conversion software? The answer is not yes or no, it depends on your expertise level.

For starters, we haven’t found a foolproof program that does it very well. And if you search for a PowerPoint to DVD program, it looks like the results are engineered by people who just want to sell their products! Yes, they seem to be outsmarting Google for now.

So we are not going to recommend any of those programs. But to be fair — most of them have trial versions. Do check them out for yourself, and they might even work for you.

Essentially, creating a DVD from PowerPoint is a two-step process:

  1. Creating a video from your PowerPoint presentation
  2. Creating a DVD from that video

There are many good programs for the second process, and one of them may have been bundled with your DVD writer. As for converting your PowerPoint to a movie is concerned, you can follow our PowerPoint to YouTube tutorial. Just skip the step where we ask you to upload the movie to YouTube.

This is not the last post on this subject — expect to hear much more!

DVD from PowerPoint
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